8th edition, Friday 6 September 2019


Interview from the 2019 edition

The Forum ecovillages in 2019

Exclusive concert from Wintershome at 6:45pm, Raclette

and FIFAD “Sustainable Film Award at 8:45pm”

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6:45pm, Concert of the band

8:45pm, two FIFAD projections

Let’s go to Antartica

By Gonzaga Manso (Spain), 5’, Cat. environment

Carlos only dreams of one thing: photographing penguins or auks in Antarctica. It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t know the difference! This young quadra naively joins a cruise with hundreds of tourists. With a carbon footprint that is chilling!



L’aube d’une révolution culturelle

By Benoît Aymon and Pierre-Antoine Hiroz (Switzerland), 52’, no category

Capable of forging a link between man and living beings, the pope of animal photography transmits his most intimate emotions to us with a subtlety of his own. But Vincent Munier is convinced that showing the beauty of the world is no longer enough. It is a shock, a kind of cultural revolution that we must now carry out if we want to preserve – not to say save – the world we will leave to our children.



Prices :

Full evening with concert, two raclettes, movies 30.-

Only concert : 20.-

Only movies : 15.-

Children up to 16 years old are free of charge.

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